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Add customized page layouts to your Picaboo scrapbook.
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If you like to have more creative control over your album, you can easily design your own custom page layouts in an external graphics program and add them to your Picaboo scrapbook. Picaboo allows you as much creative control as you'd like while still allowing you to easily share your scrapbook online or order multiple hardbound copies.

The sample pages displayed above were created using two graphics programs that can be used to create your custom page layouts. The page on the left was created with a program called Scrapbook MAX!. Creating a layout for Picaboo in Scrapbook MAX! is very easy because they provide a wide variety of graphics right within the program that you can use to create your custom page. For example, the lace and block graphics used in the sample page above were both provided by Scrapbook MAX!. Click here to download the free trial version of Scrapbook MAX! today.

The page on the right was created using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Although it does not come loaded with as many scrapbooking graphics, you can use it to create simple layouts like the one displayed above. Or, you can download graphics kits to add to your page layouts in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Please see the next page for more details about adding pre-made graphics.

Directions for creating a custom page layout in Scrapbook MAX!:

1. When you open up Scrapbook MAX!, you will get an option to "Create a new scrapbook" or to "Open a saved album." Select "Create a new scrapbook."

2. Next, Scrapbook MAX! will prompt you to choose from a variety of templates. You can select one of the templates to start with or choose "Blank scrapbook" to start with a blank slate. For practice, select "Blank scrapbook."

3. Name your album.

4. Select "Page" from the top menu bar and locate "size." Change the settings to 1500x1180 pixels at 300 DPI. You now have the page set up and are ready to add your personal touches.

5. Now, all you need to do is use the icons across the top of the page to add color and embellishments and to import your pictures. Scrapbook MAX! provides you with a wide variety pre-made graphic resources that are right at your fingertips. They offer you so much variety that creating stunning page layouts is fun and easy.

6. After you have added your page components, all you need to do is select "File" at the top of the page and scroll down until you find "Publish To," and click over to "Image."

7. Save the image as a new file on your desktop that contains all of your new scrapbooking image. Now all you have to do is import the image into Picaboo just like you would any other photo. Drag and drop it onto the Picaboo layout that allows you to fill an entire page with one landscape photo.

Directions for creating a custom page layout in Photoshop Elements:

1. Start by opening up Photoshop Elements, find the "File" menu and scroll down to select "New."

2. When Photoshop Elements prompts you, select a page size of 1500x1180 pixels at 300 DPI for the new work space.

3. Now choose a photo you would like to add to the layout by going to "File" > "Open" or Ctrl-O. Choose the file you would like to open and make sure that the DPI of that photo is 300 DPI.

4. You should now have two open windows. One window will have the photo and the other will have the blank page. A good place to start is by adding some color to the background of your blank page. First click on the blank page to select it and then locate and select the paint bucket tool which will allow you to drop color onto the background. You will be able to select your color by using the color picker right below the paint button. Use the paint bucket to click on your blank page to fill it with color.

5. After you have filled the space with color, you can add a rectangle to your page with the shape tool to create a mat for your photo.

6. Once you have placed the mat where you want it, select the window with the photo in it. Make sure to first click on the little arrow (which is the Move tool). Click on the photo and drag it over onto the new background you just created. Once the photo is on top of the background, you can push Ctrl-T to transform the size of the photo to fit on top of the rectangle-shaped mat you created with your shape tool. This will also let you move your photo around, resize, and reorganize as you wish.

7. Now locate the "T" function which stands for "Text." Use this tool to type journaling wherever you would like on your page.

8. When you have perfected your layout, go up to the "File" menu and select "Save As." Select "Save as a .JPG" and save your layout into a file on your desktop that you have named "Picaboo" so that it will be easy to locate your image later.

9. Next, open up Picaboo to create a new book or edit an existing book. If you are editing an existing book, click the "Get Pictures" button on the bottom lefthand side of the page. Locate the "Picaboo" file on your desktop (the file where you saved the layout you just created) and import the new layout just like you would import new photos. If you are creating a new book, locate this layout when you're asked to "Select Photos".

10. Select the page layout in Picaboo that allows you to fill an entire page with one landscape photo. Then, simply drag and drop your new layout onto the page and it will fill the entire area.

Other tutorials on creating scrapbooking layouts in Photoshop Elements can be found at DigitalScrapbookPlace.Com and Scrapbooking.About.Com